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Scholarships for Health students

Focus on your studies not your bank account, with new ACT Government-funded scholarships valued up to $9,000 for students interested in Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health degrees.


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(GUG, 2024)

News and stories


From humble beginnings to a world class program: 50 years of IT at UC

Over the past 50 years, the School of Information Technology and Systems has evolved and overcome challenges to establish itself as a key part of UC today.

20 Dec 2023

How midwifery has transformed Kai Hodgkin

Kai Hodgkin’s knowledge and passion are evident in everything she does as a UC Lecturer in Midwifery and as an advocate for improving maternity care in the ACT.

19 Dec 2023

How we engage with and think about robots

UC's research psychologist Dr Janie Busby Grant is interested in different aspects of we think in general - and about robots.

28 Nov 2023
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UC has a groovin’ time at GTM

The Groovin’ the Moo music festival hit all the right notes in its sixth year at the University of Canberra

05 Jan 2024

Olympic grads dive into education

Olympic gold-medallists Angie Bainbridge and Tarnee White both graduated from UC with education degrees

03 Jan 2024

Helping avoid holiday health horror

A UC research project is looking at the role pharmacists can play in preparing travellers with health advice before they leave home

03 Jan 2024
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